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About us

We are a renowned family business which has been building high-class apartments and offices in outstanding surroundings for almost 30 years. We find the most beautiful locations in town for you and plan your tailor-made apartment.

We design the floor plans with greatest care and in minutest detail. Modern, ecological construction and the use of superior materials characterises our building style.

Your entitlement to high living quality is a true concern of ours. An investment in a well-planned apartment in an excellent location is well worth its while. It offers a high-quality life style, gives joy to the whole family and retains its value. Our long experience offers you just the security you need when purchasing an apartment.

el Appartementbau GmbH / Pötzleinsdorfer Straße 8 / 1180 Vienna / T +43 1 470 68 34, office@el-appartementbau.at